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Budget item

  • Item Code:FSB250-905|FSB200-929|FSB400-906|FSB500-907
  • Display Dimensions:S2.45m|S3.1m|S4.0m|S4.7m|F2.35m|F2.85m|F3.75m|F4.3m
  • Flag Size:2.0x0.7m|2.4x0.7m|3.75mx0.8m|1.9x0.7m|3.75x0.8m|2.2x0.8m|2.82x1.0m|3.5x1.2m

Flexible Epoxy fiberglass pole with unsanded finish?One-year warranty

  1. Detailed information

Flexible Epoxy fiberglass pole with unsanded finish 

One-year warranty

Budget bases available to match budget poles                              

Suit for windless areas or short-term events.                                        

"Budget",but high quality with 1 year warranty.

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