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          Feather teardrop flag, 4IN1 for the first time

          2020-11-30 16:05:04 wzords Read

          Feather teardrop flagpole, as a kind of modern advertisement flagpole, has the structure of flag surface which can leave enough space for advertisment display. They are widely used, beautiful and durable. They can be seen in front of supermarkets and hotels etc.



          As we all know, one of flagpoles on the market is made of aluminum or fibeiglass. Although their price is cheap, they can be made into retractable and convenient storage, but there are some limitations in function and material. There are also carbon composite flagpoles, the price advantage is not very prominent, but both toughness and flexible are more suitable for a long-term outdoor use. If used outdoor for a long time, the advantages of carbon composite will be obvious.


          Our 4in1 material is made of carbon composite.



          The different sizes determine different prices.

          Item Name/ Pole(flag) Display SizeFeatherTeardropSharkfinRectangle
          S2.7m(2.2m * 0.65m)2.5m(1.92m * 0.7m)2.5m(2.2m * 0.59m)2.2m(1.55m * 0.69m)
          M3.8m(3.2m * 0.7m)3.6m(3.2m * 0.92m)3.6m(3.0m * 0.885m)2.9m(2.5m * 0.73m)
          L5.2m(4.2m * 0.7m4.8m(3.68m * 1.07m)5.0m(4.0m * 1.18m)4.3m(3.3m * 0.73m)



          Not enough budget? It doesn't matter. Want a variety of shapes? It doesn't matter. Is the quality not good enough? It doesn't matter. All the questions to Wisezone. As the popularity of advertising flags in the market, Wizezone has sprouted a new idea on the basis of the traditional single feather teardrop flagpole. While retaining the traditional fether teadrop flagpole, we have enriched the functions--based on a set of flag poles to support 4 flag shapes.


          1. If you and your customers only need to use it for the feather teardrop flag shape, a set of flagpoles can be purchased separately, fully considering saving your budget and saving your inventory.

          2. In addition to the beach feather flag, it can also support the sharkfin and rectangle flag shapes,  to meet the requirements that 1 set pole supports 4 flag shapes according to your customers and own needs.

          3. In the field of advertising banners, only 2 have done wind tuunel tests. Our Wisezone is one of them. Our carbon composite flagpole has been tested in Italy Wind Tunnel Laboratory with 160km/h wind speed test, there is no breakage. The material is also an environmentally friendly material conforming to EU standards.


          Wisezone has been in the advertising banner industry for 15 years, and is the first domestic manufacturer of carbon composite fiber materials to make advertising banners. Over the past 15 years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of pioneer, value and sharing. We have been using our expertise to meet the needs of customers, and we have adhered to the idea of respecting the founder of feather teardrop flagpole, and constantly improved on the basis of it. First, we launched the idea of 2in1. When 2in1 is fully integrated into the market and it is fully accepted when our products is welcomed, we will not stop we can't move forward. Instead, they made persistent efforts, and then launched a series of innovative feather teardrop flagpole billboards such as 4in1 to meet the needs of the public.

          At the same time, we can also guarantee the quantity. We can produce 40000 feather teardrop flagpoles a month and export them to overseas markets such as Europe and America. We also set up EU and USA warehouses for overseas customers to cope with various emergencies. Especially in today's epidemic environment, transportition costs have risen sharply. Our overseas warehouse can greatly reduce your burden and worries.

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