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          Beach flag enters our lives

          2020-11-16 10:42:02 wzords Read

          Beach flag (www.ynjcjc.com),  is a knife-shaped flag, with beach-shaped, feather-shaped, square, etc. It is a kind of equipment that can display advertising, no matter under modern street lights or next to majestic buildings. , It can be seen everywhere, and it has gradually integrated into our lives. Now it has perfectly replaced the traditional ordinary colorful flags and water injection flags, and is used for large-scale outdoor activities, competitions, 4S shops, and more high-end real estate.


          Nowadays, beach flags on the market are also rising, with different qualities. The most common quality on the market is glass fiber, aluminum alloy, and carbon composite fiber flagpoles. The price of glass fiber flagpoles and aluminum alloy flagpoles is lower than that of carbon composite fiber flagpoles. , But in terms of quality carbon composite fiber flagpole is better, so the beach flag of carbon composite fiber flagpole has always been the top of the beach flag market.

          Weihai Wisezone-Outdoor advertising flagpole production expert, focusing on export for 15 years

          Weihai Wisezone is a factory focusing on carbon composite fiber flagpoles, and is currently the most professional outdoor display flagpole manufacturer in China. It is an excellent manufacturer of various advertising flagpoles such as beach flags (beach flags), feather flags (water drop flags) and backpack flags. The perfect quality carbon composite fiber advertising flagpoles have won praise from users all over the world.


          Weihai Wisezone beach flag--the first domestic manufacturer of carbon composite fiber flagpoles

          Weihai Wisezone's beach flag flagpoles are all made of carbon composite fiber, light weight, strong toughness, outdoor advertising flagpole products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, and 30- 400,000 sets, with a damage rate of less than 0.01%, Wisezone brand products have been awarded the title of "GOLDEN STANDAR" for flagpoles by foreign customers for their excellent quality.


          Weihai Wisezone Beach Flag Flag Printing--Digital Direct Jet Printing Technology

          Weihai Wisezone uses 110G knitted fabrics for beach flags. Knitted fabrics are also called warp-knitted fabrics. Because of their specific weaving method, they ensure the stable structure of the fabric. The technology adopted by Weihai Wisezone is digital direct-injection printing and professional Muto printer printing. The ink is imported from South Korea. The fabric and ink are all colored by heating at 200 degrees and will not fade in water. Bright colors!

          Weihai Wisezone beach flag-a variety of bases are available, suitable for different use environments

          Weihai Wisezone has a complete range of bases, including water tank bases suitable for large beach flags, straight plugs in soft environments, lightweight crosses with rigid bottoms, cement bases and iron plates, etc., all can meet the needs of beach flags. Weihai Wisezone is a multi-layer anti-rust coating base, all bases are protected by more than two anti-rust coatings, so it can ensure that the metal base looks bright and textured. There are many similar-shaped bases on the market with different prices and materials. The weight and size are different, the base of Weihai Wisezone beach flag can be reused, saving cost.


          If the outdoor road is hardened, it is recommended to use a disc base, cross seat, iron plate or water tank (choose according to budget and personal preference); if it is a large flagpole and the wind is strong, then it is recommended to choose a 15KG iron plate or water tank; even Choose 15KG iron plate with water bag, water tank or disc base. Weihai Wisezone's water tank can be used with other bases. This is the exclusive design of Weihai Wisezone. For beach or grass, it is recommended to choose straight plug, which is cheap and most practical.

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