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          Prospects of advertising flag dealers after Covid-19

          2020-10-15 14:56:24 wzords Read

          2020 is an extraordinary year for the outdoor advertising flag industry. Under the plague of the Covid-19, various outdoor activities and sports events have been suspended, and commercial activities have also stalled. At the same time, the cost of logistics has risen sharply, the demand for outdoor advertising flags has dropped to a freezing point, and the future direction was once lost in confusion.

          Many practitioners in the outdoor advertising industry cannot help but worry, after the Covid-19, will the outdoor advertising flag industry continue to operate as before? How will the market change? Wzrods Flag Industry, which has 15 years of experience in the production of outdoor display flagpoles such as beach flags and backpack flags, has a different understanding.


          Although the current COVID-19 is still widespread, the growth rate has gradually been brought under control and has entered a post-Covid-19 era. Various competitions and commercial activities will gradually begin to be held, so outdoor advertising flags will usher in a new spring. However, affected by the Covid-19 that has lasted for nearly a year, the market is bound to change, and the nature of these changes comes from changes in user needs.


          End customers' requirements for the quality of outdoor advertising flags have increased


          After the Covid-19, the long-standing activities and competitions are bound to sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. In the past, event organizers or contractors paid more attention to the cost price when buying advertising flags. They usually buy ordinary aluminum alloy poles or glass fiber ones. Pole, serving an event or short-term event, in order to reduce consumption.


          However, for long-term or large-scale activities, it is necessary to consider the wear of the flagpole during use, the loss during transportation and even the storage cost and the oxidation loss of the flagpole in a humid environment. The increase in activity frequency directly leads to the improvement of product quality requirements. Therefore, it is bound to have higher requirements for materials such as beach flags, backpack flags, feather flags, and A-screen display stands. Carbon composite fiber flagpoles are favored by buyers.


          Outdoor advertising flag environment adaptability needs to be enhanced


          In addition to improving the quality of flagpoles, the demand for the styles of advertising flagpoles is bound to be more diversified, ranging from sports events, large-scale exhibitions, to a music festival, a real estate publicity activity, and different scenarios naturally require more Rich product types to render.


          The traditional single advertising flag is far from being able to meet the demand, and the complexity of the use scenes requires higher product diversity and environmental adaptability. In the same scene, it may be necessary to cooperate with various forms such as beach flags, feather flags, backpack flags, and mini flags to achieve the best publicity effect.


          Outdoor advertising flag customization service needs strong


          An important advantage of advertising banner products lies in their distinctive features, which are prominently displayed from the vast crowd. It is conceivable that if all users in an industry use the same advertising flag, this advantage will disappear. Therefore, the ability to provide users with high-quality customized services has become another important indicator for evaluating production plants.


          Based in Weihai, China, Wzrods Flag Industry (official website: www.ynjcjc.com), which has 15 years of experience in outdoor display flagpole production, has made adaptive innovations to meet customer needs.


          The first manufacturer of carbon composite fiber flagpoles in china


          As the originator of domestic carbon fiber composite flagpoles, Wzrods has always pursued high quality and quality assurance. The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber material is extremely strong, and its flexibility is better than that of metal rods.


          Wzrods once took the product to do wind resistance test in the wind tunnel laboratory in Italy, and the flagpole was intact in the 160km/h wind tunnel without any deformation. It is also the only flagpole manufacturing factory in China that has done wind tunnel testing.


          Wzrods has a wealth of products, customized flags and bases


          Knife flags, beach flags, feather flags, A-screen flags, door flags, these are all popular products of Wzrods in different countries and regions. In addition, there are unique products in different usage scenarios. The window flags commonly used in the automobile industry, the bicycle flags favored by bicycle races, and the education industry have a soft spot for backpack flags.


          In addition to these, customization capabilities have also added a lot to the company's services. Picture customization, sample customization and color customization are all well controlled. At the same time, relying on its own research and development strength, Wzrods has designed more than 10 types of bases for use with flagpoles, which are well received by end users.


          Wzrods advertising banner after-sales service and social activities


          In addition to its strong products, Wzrods Flag also pays more attention to the construction of soft power. Over the years, it has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Pioneer, Value, and Sharing", developing innovative products, creating value for customers, and realizing the commonality of employees, customers and suppliers. growing up. Among them, after-sales service is the most important part. The 3-year quality assurance has won Wzrods a 5-star evaluation on the platform and a repurchase rate of more than 50%.


          At the same time, Wzrods actively participates in various events, such as the China International Youth Tennis Tour, Shandong International Automobile Industry Exhibition, China Drifting Club, World Sailing Championships, Oxfam Hong Kong, etc., and has actively integrated into the society and won a good reputation.


          In order to support the resumption of work due to the Covid-19, Wzrods actively plans full reduction and gift user feedback activities, and you can receive it by adding customer service WeChat or leaving a message. For more information, you can also follow the company's official website or WeChat public platform (Weihai Wzrods).

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