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          Which advertising flag is strong? Weihai Wisezone beach flag and feather flag is your favorite

          2020-10-09 08:28:48 wzords Read

          In the past ten years, with the prosperity and development of the world economy, various commercial advertising activities have been increasing. As an excellent exhibition equipment, advertising flags are an important means to enhance corporate image and are being used in more and more scenarios.


          Widely used advertising flag

          Advertising flags are important equipment for companies to display indoor and outdoor advertising. They are divided into beach flags, feather flags, and backpack flags. It is widely used, flexible, portable and beautiful, suitable for sports events, opening ceremonies, shopping mall promotions, product promotion, corporate participation, press conferences, supermarket promotions, indoor and outdoor promotion activities and other commercial fields.

          In the early years, domestic advertising flags were dominated by simple square flags. The bold and innovative beach flags and feather flags were popular abroad. In recent years, more and more of them have appeared in competitions, exhibitions and other activities. They have more visual impact than square flags. The force is spectacular and the experience is excellent.

          Beach flags and feather flags are the two most common and best-used advertising flags. Weihai Wisezone, an outdoor advertising flagpole expert with 15 years of export experience, will talk about the selection and application scenarios of beach flag feather flags.


          How to choose Wisezone beach flag or feather flag?

          1. Choose the shape of the flag according to your preferences and needs

          The beach flag has a large printing area, which is suitable for traditional Chinese aesthetic habits. When the wind is strong, the flag surface has a sense of movement; the feather flag has a small printing area and is suitable for simple patterns, but the picture is very flat, even if the wind is strong, it can still be very good Performance promotion content.

          2. Determine the height of the flagpole according to the space of the place of use

          Usually the feather flag is 2.2-4.3 meters, and the beach flag is 2.5-5 meters. It is recommended to choose a high-point flagpole for outdoor use, 3m-5m is more suitable; for indoor use, it can be selected according to the height of the space, usually 2m-3m can meet the display needs. Of course, if the cost is considered, the lower the height, the lower the cost.

          3. Determine the flagpole base according to the use environment and the height of the flagpole

          For outdoor hardened roads, we recommend the use of disc base, cross seat, iron plate or water tank, which can be selected according to budget and personal preference. For beach or grass, it is recommended to choose straight plug, which is cheap and most practical. If it is a large flagpole and the wind is strong, it is recommended to choose a 15KG iron plate or water tank, or even a 15KG iron plate with water bag, water tank or disc base. Weihai Wisezone's water tank can be used in conjunction with other bases, which is an exclusive design.

          4. Determine the flag printing according to customer requirements and budget

          The single-sided printing of the flag is based on one side, and the reverse side is the color that penetrates the past; the double-sided printing is printed separately on both sides, which can be the same pattern or designed into a completely different pattern. The publicity effect is better, but the price will be It is about twice as high as single-sided, and customers can determine it according to specific design requirements and budget.

          Common application scenarios of Wisezone beach flag and feather flag

          Weihai Wisezone Beach Flag Feather Flag is suitable for enterprises and units with high quality requirements, and can achieve a long-term use without deformation or damage. It is designated for use by stores of automobile brands, real estate companies, and some large-scale competitions. All products have undergone extreme tests, please rest assured to buy and use.

          1. Advertising flags for sports events

          Weihai Wisezone Beach Flag Feather Flag has been exported to Europe and the United States for 15 years. The industry has enjoyed the title of "Golden Standard" and has successfully provided services and sponsorships for a number of world extreme sports and major events.

          Such as 2009 "Hong Kong XTE Challenge" outdoor flagpole sponsor, 2010 "HOBIE World Sailing Championships" outdoor road flag designated service provider, 2010 "Oxfa Hong Kong" outdoor road flag sponsor, etc.

          In China, the high-quality beach flag feather flags produced by Weihai Wisezone are more and more favored by large-scale sports events, such as the feather flag sponsor of the 2011 "International Grid Youth Tour" and the 2012 "Shandong International Automobile Industry Exhibition" Beach flag feather flag sponsor, 2016 "International Drone Grand Prix" service provider, 2018 China Mountain Bike Open Tour.

          Locally in Weihai, we also rely on the right time and place, and the first choice for sports event advertising flags is Wisezone products. In 2020 alone, we have supported the Weihai Banyuewan International Beach Music Festival, the 2020 Weihai Pulp Board Invitational, and the Qixi Festival full of love rides Line trekking activities.


          2. Advertising flag for car 4S shop

          Two rows of flags are placed at the entrance of the car 4S shop to flutter with the wind, which has a good display effect and a strong visual impact. It can set off the atmosphere very well, achieve the effect of advertising and the car as a whole, making consumers very natural accept. The advertising flags stand there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are released for a long time and around the clock.


          3. High-end real estate advertising flag

          Just like car 4S shops, more and more high-end real estates like to use beach flag feather flags, and advertisements are released around the clock. The effect can be imagined.

          4. Exhibition & opening banner

          An indispensable part of the opening of large exhibitions and large shopping malls is the atmosphere of outdoor advertising flags. Weihai Wisezone beach flag feather flag products are very popular in this field.

          Features of Weihai Wisezone Beach Flag and feather flag

          With 15 years of export production experience and exclusive development of patented products, Weihai Wisezone has created the first brand of domestic beach flag backpack flags, leading the new trend of domestic outdoor advertising flagpoles, and providing the domestic market with a full range, full industrial chain, high quality, and new Concept products and services.

          Weihai Wisezone focuses on high-end outdoor advertising flags, both in terms of product quality and after-sales service, far exceeding any domestic counterparts. Weihai Wisezone's full range of products are welcomed by users in the domestic market due to its high-quality export and customizable services.

          Features of Wisezone Beach Flag Feather Flagpole:

          1. Carbon fiber composite material, light weight, the weight of a single set of different models are all within 1KG;

          2. Simple and easy to carry, the length of each section after disassembly is about 1.5M;

          3. High strength, resistant to 5-8 winds;

          4. Long-term use is not deformed, corrosion-resistant, and the service life can reach 5 years;

          5. A flagpole can be equipped with two flags: beach flag and feather flag, saving cost;

          6. More than dozens of bases are available, suitable for different use environments;

          Features of Wisezone Beach Flag Feather Flag:

          1. Knitted cloth material, can withstand 5-8 wind, strong and durable;

          2. Using imported printing machines, imported ink, direct-injection printing, completely restore your design concept;

          3. The original manuscripts are printed one-to-one, with no color difference, brilliant colors, and long-lasting color retention;

          4. Seiko sewing, absolutely no jumpers, burrs, etc., high-quality and high-grade will bring you a better display and publicity effect;

          Features of Wisezone Beach Flag Feather Flag Base:

          1. More than dozens of different bases are available, suitable for different use environments;

          2. Each base is equipped with a unique rotatable shaft design, where the wind blows, where the flag turns, and more flexibility;

          3. All metal bases have 2-3 layers of anti-rust coating, and our intentions are more in places invisible to the naked eye;

          4. Blow molding bases are made of HDPE raw materials, non-recycled materials, strong and durable, and have been tested for sun protection and freeze cracking, and the quality is guaranteed.


          Which advertising flag is strong? Weihai Wisezone Beach Flag Feather Flag is your favorite choice. Search "Weihai Wisezone" on the Ali platform to get beautiful, fashionable, high-quality and cost-effective outdoor advertising flags. Customizable humanized services are provided, and all products are available. Enjoy three years of quality assurance.

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