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          Weihai Wisezone beach flag completely replaced the square road flag with teardrop flagpole

          2020-09-21 16:36:30 wzords Read

          Outdoor advertising has a variety of manifestations, either fixed or mobile. It has the advantages of high arrival rate and low CPM and is easily accepted by everyone. One of its small branches, flagpole advertisements, has a strong visual impact for everyone due to its neat and uniform beauty that moves with the wind. It is subject to various advertisements such as outdoor promotion activities, conferences and exhibitions, festivals, sports events, product promotion, etc. Favored by businessmen.


          Outdoor advertising flagpoles have the effect of beautifying the appearance of the city, achieving the effect of integrating advertisements with the appearance of the city, so that consumers can accept advertisements very naturally. And it is released continuously, 24/7. They stand there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this feature makes them easier for the audience to see.

          Traditional outdoor advertising flagpoles mainly refer to road flags and teardrop flagpoles. With industrial progress and technological upgrading, the two have been perfectly replaced by more high-quality and beautiful beach flagpoles.

          Road flag of outdoor advertising flagpole

          Road flags, also known as light pole flags, are mostly placed on both sides of roads and near event venues. Road flags around the event venues and outside the main roads, auxiliary roads, and sidewalks of the roads can establish the advertiser's brand effect in the short term.

          Due to road flag's own geographical advantages, it has long-term impact on the audience's vision. Through daily contact, the audience's subconsciousness has established the brand awareness of the advertisement, and a good publicity effect can be received in the short-term imperceptibility. , Which quickly increased the brand awareness of advertisers and promoted advertising efficiency. It has the effects of strong and effective publicity, dynamic and intuitive, and strong overall sense.


          The flag surface of the road flag is generally printed with Polaroid cloth, outdoor photo cloth, heat transfer flag cloth, etc. Road flag installation flagpoles are supported by ordinary iron square tubes and round tubes, as well as stainless steel tubes and galvanized tubes. The upper and lower beams mostly use aluminum alloy and stainless steel flagpoles.

          Teardrop flagpole for outdoor advertising flagpole

          The teardrop flagpole was originally named after the base was filled with water or sand to resist wind. It is one of the portable outdoor flag display equipment, used for outdoor promotional activities, large-scale conferences, exhibitions, festivals, sports events, product promotion, and anniversary celebrations. Various activities such as advertising.

          teardrop flagpole is simple and easy, economical and practical, light and strong, easy to install and carry, it is a good helper for office and exhibition, and it is mostly used in various outdoor exhibition activities.


          The base of the teardrop flagpole is made of new PE material, blow molding process, aluminum alloy frame, and it has the effect of strong wind resistance, oxidation resistance, environmental protection, and wear resistance. The base is not easy to leak. The base can be filled with sand, water and concrete, mainly For the counterweight of the flagpole base, strengthen the wind resistance.

          The common aluminum flagpole weighs 8KG, the net weight of the kettle is about 8.5KG, and the weight can reach 8-9KG after teardrop.

          Beach flag on outdoor advertising flagpole

          The beach flag is also called an outdoor rotating screen or feather flag or feather flag. It is a display prop for outdoor exhibitions. On the beach, the grass is inserted into the ground, and the cement floor is equipped with a cross base, water bag or sandbag.

          this kind of knife-shaped beach flag or feather flag is very popular, the highest is 15 meters, the flagpole is easy to fold, easy to carry, and quick to install, just like a fishing rod, it can be stretched freely.


          Beach flags or feather flag use carbon composite fiber poles, which are more than ten meters long. They can also be used as measuring poles in the advertising industry and as fishing pole antennas for radio enthusiasts. The material technology of beach flags generally includes inkjet beach flags, photo beach flags, and thermal transfer beach flags.

          Beach flags have gradually replaced road flags and teardrop flagpoles.

          Through the above analysis and discussion, the traditional road flags and water-injected flagpoles are mostly rectangular, with limited visual effects; the spray painting of the flag surface of the road flag may fade in the sun and the flagpoles are traditional whether they are iron, stainless steel, galvanized or aluminum alloy. Process, high weight, low strength, poor corrosion resistance.

          teardrop flagpoles are more restricted. Installation requires teardrop, sand or concrete, and weighs nearly 100 kilograms. It is very inconvenient to use, and it is far behind modern technology.

          Beach flags have appeared more and more in competitions, exhibitions and other activities.. The knife shape has great visual impact and can reach more than ten meters. It is very spectacular. The retractable flagpole is very convenient to use and has a sense of experience. Excellent.


          Weihai Wisezone Flag Industry is such an outstanding enterprise. It has been focusing on exporting beach flags for 15 years. Outdoor advertising flagpole products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc., with monthly exports of 3 It has exported more than 5 million sets so far. It is the professional outdoor advertising flagpole manufacturer with the best quality and largest export volume. Such excellent quality is also welcomed in the domestic market.

          The beach flag feather flag is the main product of Weihai Wisezone, and its quality is far superior to that of its peers, because it abandoned glass fiber 15 years ago and chose a lighter, stronger carbon fiber flagpole, which is the first in China. Carbon fiber flagpoles are expensive to develop and manufacture, but compared with glass fiber, they have greater toughness, strong wind resistance, long-term use without deformation, and non-conductive. They can be used safely in humid environments such as rain and snow.

          The Weihai Wisezone flagpole has been tested in a wind tunnel in the laboratory of a university in Italy. You may not think that only two flagpole companies in the world have passed the wind tunnel test. The other is a German company. For related experimental data, please refer to the table to compare aluminum poles and fiber poles. The difference.


          The knife-shaped beach flag feather flag has fully crushed the traditional square road flag and water injection flagpole with its strength. Sports events, outdoor activities, car 4S shops, high-end real estate, exhibitions and exhibitions in many cities across the country are vying to choose Weihai Wisezone. The beach flag feather flag was used for image promotion and the effect exceeded expectations, giving Weihai Wangzhan unanimous praise.

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