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          Is the long-lost spring for outdoor display equipment coming?

          2020-06-08 17:31:19 wzords Read

          In recent years, outdoor advertising throughout the country has been rectified frequently, and the management measures for outdoor advertising are becoming more and more strict. As an important carrier of outdoor advertising, outdoor display equipment is naturally inevitably impacted. However, although the outdoor advertising market is now experiencing some problems and its development has been affected, the market demand will continue to extend into the future.

          Outdoor display equipment, such as beach flags, teardrop flags, A-screen display racks, display screens, etc., although there are no shortage of economic activities, city coordinates and other public places will apply outdoor display advertising, but the large outdoor advertising market, mainly commercial operations, has always been The main supporting point for the development of outdoor display equipment.

          The long-term inherent problems of outdoor advertising products are illegal installation, product quality and safety. In order to improve these, companies have also been working hard to achieve the combination of products and application environments through wind tunnel testing and quality inspection. And through various combinations with the surrounding environment to create creative displays, urban landmarks, etc., and strive to adapt to the requirements of the development of the times.

          However, the traditional outdoor display equipment is still facing great challenges under the impact of increasing terminal requirements and the pressure of emerging electronic technology products.

          So, where is the future development direction of traditional outdoor display advertising?

          During the investigation of the development of outdoor advertising equipment, the reporter of "Screen Display World" found that the effect of product application promotion is poor. On the one hand, it is because the product is not just needed, and there are too many alternative products. However, no enterprise in the industry actively promotes it. The fundamental reason is that the price of our products is too high.

          In fact, in addition to price, another reason lies in the commercial value of the product.

          Nowadays, the outdoor advertising market has shown new changes. With the impact of mobile Internet and self-media, the form of outdoor advertising has undergone new changes. The economic benefits that traditional outdoor display equipment can bring to advertising owners are not as good as before. Only products that can bring higher and richer returns to advertising owners are the fundamental way for the continued development of outdoor display equipment in the future.

          A promising solution is scene design. In terms of advertising operations, a great change has taken place in traditional outdoor display equipment. There are a series of problems such as limited high-quality resources, a single operating model, and high costs. For different industries, different scenarios provide different display solutions. Make reasonable use of beach flags, teardrop flags, A screens, mini flags, display racks, led screens, etc. Converted from a traditional single display to a full range of services. More operable.

          In the future, if our outdoor display equipment manufacturers can fundamentally change the traditional image and launch corresponding outdoor display products for different outdoor application scenarios, we will set up beach flags, teardrop flags, A screens, mini flags, etc. based on market demand. Full range of services such as display racks and led screens. Think more about customers, adhering to the "win-win" concept, so why not worry about the outdoor display market?

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